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(Date). (Provider Signature). (Provider Social Security Number). DAYCARE RECEIPT. In receipt for daycare services provided for ...
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* - (Provider Social Security Card Number/Number). * - (Provider's full name).<|endoftext|>It is one of the world's most popular television dramas, with an international cult following. For most people, the first episode of Mad Men is a landmark. But in China, the series has a far grimmer reputation than in Britain but has the potential to revive its fortunes. The new episode, which aired on Monday night, contains a scene the Chinese Communist party leaders, including leader Xi Jinping and President Xi Jinping's brother, are reportedly taking to heart. The scene shows a Chinese-man playing a slot machine. When he is approached by a woman to play, he is asked to pull down his trousers, and a Chinese girl asks him not to touch her legs, or to push her in the back, a scene that has sparked outrage among some social media users and alarmed critics in Beijing. When the boy refuses to do anything indecent, the woman suggests that she might be his real daughter. The boy complies. The television drama, which will air again on Monday night, has been controversial in China because it features a father with no girlfriend who sleeps with his daughter in an effort to win her. The character played by American actor Matthew Weiner has been criticised for being a 'prostitute', after being filmed playing a slot machine, which was a favourite among gambling addicts. The scene, filmed late last year, shows the boy sitting on the sofa, and an excited Chinese women standing behind him, the same style of dress she wore in the sex scene from The Godfather III. Chinese media say the scene was filmed by the Communist Party with the backing of the government. The plot appears to be a parody of the 1970s American TV series The Jeffersons in which a family were portrayed as rich, but not socially-minded. The episode, a sequel to the show's first season in 2014, depicts the son of the American producer, played by Matt Weiner, falling in love with an under-the-table Chinese actress. The actress, played by Fan Bingbing, says it is "the love that dare not speak its name" – a reference to the classic American phrase, 'fear not, it is only love'. The Chinese media have also pointed out that when the American and Chinese women kiss for the first time, Weiner pushes her in the back, in a scene that has also been
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What is childcare receipt?
What is the purpose of the Childcare receipt form? The form provides the information about the childcare provider, parents, amount of the hours the child has spent with the provider, and the total cost of the services.
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